The rules for this Wiki are as follows, please read them carefully:

Essential Rules Edit

  1. This cannot be stressed enough. You WILL be banned from this Wiki for broadcasting unwanted personal information of other users (doxxing):
    1. Doxx the nationality of a user: 2 weeks block
    2. Doxx the city where the users live: 3 months block
    3. Doxx the real name: 1 month block
    4. Doxx the real surname: 3 months block
    5. Doxx both (name and surname): 1 year block
    6. Doxx the house where the user live, the telephone number, the voice or the face: Permanently Blocked (100 years)
  2. Do not insult other members of the community. Punishment: A 3-days' block, with 2-days extension for each repeat. Warnings are only given for new users.
  3. If you insult, vandalize, spam, threaten, make alts, write vulgar information and insult other wikis, we will ask Staff/VSTF to globally block you. Punishment: Globally blocked
  4. Do not make alts to surpass bans. Punishment: Permanently Banned (the Alt)
  5. If you do things on this Wiki for the purpose of self-glorification, you will not be well-liked by the community.Punishment: Warning
  6. DO NOT MINI-MOD. This means acting like an admin/chatmod even though you aren't one. If a person isn't behaving, tell the admins, they will resolve the issue, you don't need to type in all caps at them.Punishment: Warning

Editing, Uploading Images and Making Pages Edit

  1. Vandalizing is not allowed in any way or form. Punishment: Depends on how bad the vandalism was
  2. Do not make a page of something that isn't/wasn't a political entity (country, city, state, etc.)Punishment: Warning
  3. Do not add spam/duplicate categories. Punishment: Warning
  4. If you would like to become an active contributor to this Wiki, get a single account with which to do it, or at the very least a single IP. Getting more than 1 violates Wikia policy. Constantly changing your IP to get around bans also violates Wikia policy. Punishment: Permanent ban on all alt accounts and a 3-day ban on original account

Categories Edit

  1. If a page needs to be cleaned up, please add the "Cleanup" category.
  2. If a page has misspelling or just has horrible formatting, please add the {{Sanitation}} template.
  3. If a page needs to be deleted please add the {{Delete}} template but please don't remove the contents of the page, the admins need to check what the page was about before deleting it.

Chat Rules Edit

  1. Do not spam in chat. Punishment : 1 day of ban from chat
  2. Do not declare war in chat. Punishment: 1 week of Ban from chat
  3. Do not post any porn or gore in chat. Punishment: Depends how bad it is
  4. Do not post jumpscare sites, shock sites, virus sites or similar. Punishment: Depends how bad it is
  5. The previous rules also count here. Do not insult, mini-mod, alts, doxx, etc.