Luke Sams Corporation is a media group company that owns several newspapers, radio and television stations. Its CEO is Luke Sams. It was founded in the year 1960, it signed on its first station (WGTD) that same year and it is headquartered in Panama City, Florida.

Operations outside of television and radioEdit

Kmart and SearsEdit

Luke Sams Corporation has purchased control of both Kmart and Sears as of 11th of June, 2016. Kmart, Sears, and Luke Sams Corporation all control the Kmart and Sears chains worldwide, whilst Luke Sams Corporation is to expand Kmart and Sears stores worldwide and plan development of new Kmart and Sears stores, as well as opening newer Super Kmart stores, and reopening both Kmart and Sears stores in abandoned markets.

Kmart and Sears have given their employees a one-week period in which they they are to draft any suggestions for international expansion locations, advertising material or other ideas for Luke Sams Corporation.

Luke Sams Corporation states that this move "will not affect our television and radio operations in any way and aspect, and will not change the franchise created by Sears and Kmart years and years ago by any major degree". Luke Sams Corporation also has plans to improve the performance, designs, and sales at both Kmart and Sears stores, to open Super Kmart stores, and to open new Kmart and Sears stores internationally, as well as reopening both Kmart and Sears stores in abandoned markets.

America's Incredible Pizza CompanyEdit

Luke Sams Corporation has also purchased American pizza restaurant/family fun center chain America's Incredible Pizza Company as of June 24, 2016. Under the Luke Sams Corporation management, America's Incredible Pizza Company plans to open newer centers as well as reopening closed stores in abandoned markets.